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What our awesome clients have to say...

I am amazed that in 18 short minutes (with the Seated Twist Practice) my range of motion in my back and neck is so noticeably improved - and my muscle tension relieved.

I will bring this to work to practice as part of my days in the office. This is truly a remarkable practice.



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I have been struggling with issues with my legs with tight muscles.

I wanted you to know that after completing the
(Freeing Hips, Legs & Feet) class my legs felt the most relaxed I have felt in a long time.

Thank you.



Annual Subscriber

What I learned from you has really impacted my ability to do the activities I love. This summer I was able to do a week long sheep hunt, helped haul two caribou off mountain tops... I still laugh to myself thinking about how my glutes just wouldn't do anything.

I learnt a lot about connecting my mind to my muscles. Thank you.



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Monthly Subscribers = $47/month

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Meet Your Guides

Soul Sisters & Pain Geeks

We are certified IAYT SomaYoga Therapists and Somatics Educators who have specialized in working with clients in pain for over 12 years. And because of this we have lots of knowledge to share.


You could also call us “pain geeks” because we are extremely passionate and inquisitive about all things related to what causes pain. We continue to explore the true mind-body connection and apply a handful of techniques to reset the nervous system in simple, yet powerful ways.


Our specialty is bridging somatic neuromuscular re-education, yoga therapy, functional movement and mindfulness to bring freedom and joy to the lives of those we work with. We teach to professionals and individuals sharing our Method.


We also happen to be amazing friends. Our passion together is contagious and, well, it just so happens that we have a little fun together along the way. 

Don't sit in pain and tension another minute.

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