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Bridging somatic neuromuscular re-education, yoga therapy, functional movement and mindfulness.

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Learn our simple method and transform mind-body pain into freedom and joy!

Get inspired, feel alive, strong, and connected. Take back control of your health.
It takes just 15 minutes per day to learn how to reconnect with the
innate wisdom of your body.

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What our amazing clients have to say...

I have now done both private online sessions and group online classes and they were both AMAZING! I have to admit I was worried that it wouldn’t be the same experience online but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was wrong! Both services were just as great at helping to ease both my body and my mind…thank you!”

M.C. Whitehorse YT | April 2020

I would highly recommend the pelvic floor classes for anyone who is interested in connecting holistically with their pelvis and learn about their body at a deeper level. In one session. With step by step instructions, they lead you through peeling the layers of tensions that we all accumulate in our daily life with gentle motion and awareness. Nicole & Carrie are extremely \knowledgeable and accurate in their teaching.

Physio Borealis | April 2020

I LOVE the online classes! You were clear and easy to follow and I will definitely continue with this online practice! I’m really looking forward to learning a lot more about the somatics (somayoga) approach!”

N.K. Whitehorse YT | April 2020